Rubber 3D printing Prusa Mendel i3

FEATURE FRIDAY – Prusa Gen3 print in flexible filament!

Flexible filament is so easy to use on the prusa i3! Just load, change a few settings on the slicing software, we use cura, and your good to go! Stay tuned for more filament tips and tricks on Fridays at Makerlab!

Settings to use:

Resolution 0.25mm

  • Retraction off
  • Perimeters 3
  • Flow rate 110%
  • Temp 240 degrees
  • Speed 10mm/s

For printer details see here:

This printer can print in more materials than just flexible filament. It can do PLA, ABS, Nylon, Metallic, HIPS, Wooden and more! Check it out today and add a whole heap of materials to your 3D Printing arsenal! You will not regret it!

prusa mendel i3 makerlab 3d printer

print in rubber!



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