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Prusa Mendel Gen3.5 DIY 3D Printer

Upgraded May 1st, 2016

Everything you love about the Prusa Gen3 but with a lower price point and new features as standard. The goal of this printer is to constantly keep it innovative and upgraded. Check out some of the upgrades you can even do yourself to improve the function and performance of your printer.

List of improvements: 


– Mk3 aluminium heat bed

– Improved fan mount

– Improved z-couplings

– Automatic bed levelling included on ALL units

– AU power cable included

– Added ON/OFF switch

– Sample filaflex (rubber) filament included

3D Printed Upgrades: 

Simply print off the following upgrades and your printer will only get better and better

Access Gen3.5 Upgrades

The Prusa Mendel Gen3 i3 3D Printer is an original and the best printer to begin your 3D printing journey. Based off the open source Prusa Mendel i3 (like the Kossel Delta Gen2). Learn how simple it is to build your very own 3D printer for the same price as an iPhone. Create to the limitations of your imagination and customize the printer to your liking with easy upgradeable options and a wealth of online community support.

Unlimited Upgrade Potential

Need to build bigger parts?

Want a finer nozzle?

Being open source and in the form of a kit the Prusa Gen3 is upgradeable in infinite possibilities. Simply purchase the required component, print off any extra pieces using your own printer and upgrade away.

Prusa Mendel Gen3 DIY 3D Printer fastners

Direct Drive Extruder

The Prusa Mendel Gen3 3D Printer has a driect drive extruder allow for the use of specialty materials, coupled with the heated build plate this allows for ABS, PLA, nylon, wood, rubber, carbon fibre, brassfill, copperfill and the list goes on. For double extruder check out our Hello Beeprusa 3D Printer.

 Prusa Mendel Gen3 DIY 3D Printer extruder fan

Achieve Fine Details

With a 0.4mm direct drive nozzle, achieve print details as fine as 0.1mm thick; thats almost have the thickness of a human hair (0.18mm)

Prusa Mendel Gen3 DIY 3D Printer y axis

Heated Build Platform

The Prusa Mendel Gen3 3D Printer has a large heated 200mm x 200mm x 110mm (XYZ) aluminium heavy duty build platform, create large models and when you need more room, simply upgrade.
Prusa Mendel Gen3 DIY 3D Printer build platform

LCD Screen + SD Card Reader

Directly control and accurately calibrate your printer in real time using the on  board controls plus there’s no need to connect your printer to a computer. Simply save the print file onto an SD card and walk away while your printer does the rest.

 Prusa Mendel Gen3 DIY 3D Printer LCD screen i3

Auto Bed Levelling Upgrade

Never calibrate your bed height again with the auto bed levelling upgrade. 

1 Year Warranty + 1 month Support

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Wherever you are, whatever you do, we will ship straight to you.

Gen3 Printer DIY Specifications

Max. Layer Resolution:  100 microns (0.1mm)
Layer Height Range: 100-700 microns (0.1 – 0.4mm)
Print Volume (litres): 7.2
XY Accuracy:  0.012mm
Z Accuracy: 0.04mm
Print Size (L x W x H): 200mm x 200mm x 180mm
Build Platform Size: 235mm x 235mm x 4mm
Heated Build Plate: Yes
Build Plate Temperature Range: Up to 110 degrees Celsius
Print Plate: Heavy Duty Aluminium
Nozzle Included: 0.4mm
Wall Thickness: 0.4mm
Printing Modes: Solid, Honeycomb, Hollow
Extruder:  PLA, ABS, Specialty, Nylon
Extruder Drive: Direct
Extruder Pressure: 12kg
Extruder Speed: 40mm/sec
Extruder Temperature Range: 170 – 275 degrees Celsius
LCD Interface: Yes
SD Card Reader: Yes
Auto Bed Levelling: Optional
Power Supply: Included
Body Materials: Metal, Acrylic & 3D Printed ABS Plastic
Products Size ( L x W x H): 430mm x 405mm x 370mm
Product Weight (kg): 7.5 kg
Shipping box Size and Weight (Kit): 490mm x 490mm x 25mm (12kg)
Supported Files:  .stl .obj
3D Software Supplied: Cura
Operating System: Windows/Linux/Mac
Computer Requirements: 1.8GHz with 1GB RAM
Recommended Operating temperature: 18-25 degrees Celsius
Electronics: MKS Base v1.4 with Arduino MEGA2560 and RAMPS1 
Warranty:  1 Year
Certification: CE, ROHS

As of 1/06/2016

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DIY Kit, Assembled, Calibrated, Tested, Auto Bed Levelling

Bed Levelling



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