Kossel Delta Gen2

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This is a DIY kit with a heated bed upgrade and linear rails!

Ensure this printer is used safely and maintained. See and

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Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer

The 2nd generation of the popular Kossel Mini designed by Albrecht Kossel.
This parametric 3D printer boasts a huge 300mm height and an all metal E3D hotend allowing the Kossel Delta Gen2 create models at a speed of up to 150mm/s

The 2nd generation is redesigned with all plastic injected components (rather than 3D printed), a new redesigned bowden extruder, dual fan hotend with automatic leveling and your choice of railing. Make it completely unique.

Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer



New Bowden Extruder

The Bowden extruder now incorporates oinjected moulded components to which ensures accuracy and makes it easier than ever to swap filaments. With the bowden extruder you can expect to achieve prints at up to 150mm/s

Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer extruder



Unlimited Upgrade Potential

Want a heated build plate ?

Want to print faster ?

Need a larger build volume? 



LCD Screen + SD Card Reader 

Directly control and calibrate your printer in real time using the on board controls plus there’s no need to connect your printer to a computer. Simply save the print file onto an SD card and walk away while your printer does the rest. 

Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer electronics


1 Year Warranty + 1 month Support

Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer support and warranty


Free Shipping Australia Wide

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Detailed Specifications

Kossel Delta Gen2 DIY 3D Printer specifications


The Kossel Gen2 is a complete 3D printer kit including all components. With open source software (like the Prusa Mendel Gen3) and full English build instructions in you can get up and running in no time!

  • FREE 1kg spool of PLA plastic to get you started
  • FREE 8gb SD Card
  • FREE shipping Australia wide

Additional information

Linear Motion

Linear Rollers, Linear Rods, Linear Rails


DIY Kit, DIY Kit + Heated Bed + Power Supply Upgrade, Built, Calibrated and Tested


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