Mecanum Wheel

Mecanum wheel!

3D Printing makes it easy to save money! These wheels cost 30 – 80 AUD but with a 3D printer the cost of making these wheels is negligable (less than one dollar). The only cost involved is buying bearings, nuts, washers and bolts. In total I spent a whopping $5 on each mecanum wheel. If you ask me thats pretty good!

3D Printed with PLA


  • Nozzle 210 degrees
  • Bed 50 degrees
  • Speed 50mm/s
  • Printer prusa Mendel i3:

Mecanum Wheel Makerlab

What does a Mecanum Wheel do?

The wheels make contact with the ground at an angle. This means that if a rover where to have all 4 wheels as mecanum wheels and the two front wheels spin forward while the back wheels spin backwards then the rover would move horizontally.

This can be used in robotics where flexibility of movement is an issue. Many students use this method of travel for warman competition (a mechanical engineering competition held in Australia).


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