Build Your Own 3D Printer Workshop

Building and Basic Training in Using a 3D Printer

Presented by: Jeremy Kaddis (GradIEAust) MakerLab

Tony Koutsonikolas (StudIEAust) MakerLab

Program Summary

This workshop is a 2 day intensive experience where you, (yes, YOU) will be building your very own 3D printer. Not only will this teach you the vital components that make up 90% of 3D printers but it will also give you the ability and freedom to repair, modify and upgrade it yourself (similar to a PC). Learn the method of how to use it effectively with an interactive walk-through on the slicing software and all the settings to ensure your prints come out amazing or what to do if they don’t. We will not let you leave unless your printer is working as it should be.

Concluding this workshop you should walk away a 3D printing whizz!

Prusa Gen3

 The most popular open source 3D printer to ever come to market featuring a huge amount of online support, thousands of modifications and an abundance of resources. Print with a wide variety of materials (PLA, ABS, Rubber, Nylon etc.) or even have the option of attaching a laser cutter


– Large Build Volume (XYZ): 200mm x 200mm x 180mm
– Aluminium Heated Build Platform capable of 100 degrees C
– 0.4mm Direct Drive Nozzle
– ACME Z-Axis Screws
– Automatic Bed Levelling
– LCD Control with SD Card Support
– Motherboard: MKS Base v1.4 with Arduino MEGA2560 and RAMPS1.4
– 1kg PLA filament
– 4gb SD Card

The Agenda

  • Day 1: Introduction and assembly
    • > Learning the components of a 3D printer and how they work together
    • > Assembling the 3D printer step by step
      • – Frame
      • – X-gantry
      • – Y-gantry
      • – Heated Bed
      • – Extruder
      • – Hotend
      • – Z-axis
      • – Motherboard wiring (no soldering required)
      • – Power Supply wiring (no soldering required)
  • Day 2: Software and printing
    • > Installing the recommended drivers
    • > Uploading the firmware to the printer
    • > Introduction to slicing and GCODE (Cura 15.04)
    • > Slicing a model and pre-printing preparation
    • > Calibration
    • > Maintenance
    • > Making changes to the firmware using Arduino

The Workshop Experience


Amazing service provided! Very well planned and thought out.


You will need to bring your laptop to install some open source free software.

Where and When

Where:                     Camberwell Community Centre

Address:                  405 Camberwell Road, Camberwell 3124, Victoria, Australia

Dates:                       TBA

When:                       10am – 5pm for each day


$999 for single admission

add $250 to bring a partner along


Please check by contacting us for availability then make payment for the relevant courses you will attend.

Payment Details

Bank:                            NAB

BSB Number:              083 315

Account Name:           Makerlab

Account Number:       25 810 2485

Further Enquiries Contact:

Contact Makerlab by Email: or

Call Tony on 0426 823 142