Autonomous 3D Printed Arduino Rover

MAKER MONDAYS! Stay tuned for builds every Monday! This week an autonomous 3d printed rover. With arduino rover (using the arduino nano), easy drivers this is a very inexpensive cart. It uses 3 x 18650 (3.7V) lithium ion rechargeable batteries and 3D printed chassis. Learn to build one at our workshops coming soon!

3D Printed Rover arduino rover Maker Mondays Makerlab 3D Printed Autonomous Arduino Rover

3D Printing and Arduino Rover

It is become more popular now days to compliment electronics by using 3D Printing. Our arduino rover works by sending out a signal (from the arduino) to the easy driver boards which control the stepper motors. Learn and assemble your own rover at our robotics workshop!


The code is simple. The to move the arduino sends a step signal to the easy drivers setting the direction of the step it will take. Then sends another signal to take one step (hence the phrase ‘stepper motor’). While accelerating the delay between steps (to allow coils to discharge and recharge) are decreased to increase the speed of the rover). The opposite is true for deceleration.

3D Printed Hardware

3D Printing allows for smarter designs. Our 3D printed parts are designed in such a way that the rover can be assembled in many different ways. Learn to build your own 3D Printer at our workshops to get building yourself!


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