Makerlab provides 3D printing education, training, supplies and consultation to businesses and creative individuals.

“An industry that could remake the global economy”  – Goldman Sachs (2014)

3D printing has been around since the 1980’s but only recently has it become accessible to the consumer allowing for rapid advancement in the technology and its applications. Just as the industrial revolution created tremendous change in manufacturing, 3D printing will shake the current digital era. 

At Makerlab we strive to educate this exciting new industry and show (through demonstration) how this technology can be a huge benefit to your business.

Welcome to 3D printing –  a step in the right dimension!


Jeremy Kaddis

Holding a formal education in Mechanical Engineering from RMIT which progressed into research and development of 3D printing machines at Thingifire (Shanghai, China). Jeremy has over 5 years 3D printing experience and knowledge in a vast range of 3D printing processes, currently operating KAD 3D providing 3D printing/prototyping and design services to individuals and organisations. Past clients include RMIT, Telstra, Enphase Energy, Nutrient Water and Highpoint Shopping Centre.


We're proud to be working with companies embrassing the digital revolution!