3D Printing Filament


The 3D printer machine itself is only partly responsible for the quality of the part that is produced. The remaining quality is dictated by the 3D Printing filament, software settings and the design itself. Just like you wouldn’t put cheap fuel into your vehicle. Don’t run your 3D printer on cheap filament – this can lead to clogs, poor print quality, filament tangling, uneven tolerances and premature wear of your valuable components. Trust us, we’ve been there! Try ABS, PLA or our Nylon filament today!

Our 3D Printing filament range is backed by satisfaction guarantee to produce great colour with genuine quality and strength, especially our nylon filament. We also stock Taulman’s range of tough 3D printing plastics including nylon filament, PHA and polycarbonate. Even clear materials as well as a range of specialty filaments including wood, rubber, carbon fibre, bronze, brass and copper fill etc.

If you have any questions regarding which material would best suit your project, please contact us.

Ensure you use your 3D printer and filament safely! Check out our safety guide by clicking here.

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