3d CAD modelling workshop melbourne

Introduction and Basic Training in Computer Aided Design (CAD) using “Onshape”


Presented by: Jeremy Kaddis (GradIEAust) MakerLab

Tony Koutsonikolas (StudIEAust) MakerLab


Part I – Overview + Features

Exercise 1

  • Practice sketching
  • Practice applying constraints
  • Apply dimensions
  • Create fully defined sketch
  • Create a basic part using extruding feature

Exercise 2

  • Create a sketch using geometry from an existing part
  • Practice applying constraints
  • Learn to speed up symmetric designs
  • Enable multipart updating

Exercise 3

  • Create a revolve featuring using an existing sketch
  • Practice extruding using an existing sketch
  • Sketching and extruding from an existing face
  • Practice fillets on edges

Part II – Multipart + Assemblies

Exercise 1

  • Create a new part in a part studio
  • Learn to assess faces and planes for sketching
  • Practice creating extrudes, fillets and chamfers

Exercise 2

  • Multipart design in context (part studio)
  • Determine which faces and edges to use to create new parts
  • Determine end condition for extrude feature

Exercise 3

  • Create a subassembly
  • Practice mates
  • Determine what mates to use and how a subassembly should be mated into assemblies

Part III – Versions, Importing and Drawings

Exercise 1

  • Learn how to create branched version of document
  • Practice making modifications on unique versions
  • Merging versions

Exercise 2

  • Learn how to import existing CAD files into Onshape
  • Creating part studio from CAD file
  • Add imported parts into assemblies
  • Sharing Onshape documents to collaborate

Exercise 3

  • Creating a drawing document
  • Inserting different views of a part into a drawing
  • Using various viewing/ labelling tools in drawings 


You will need to bring your laptop and a mouse to effectively use Onshape. Your laptop should run Google Chrome. If you don’t have these required materials please let us know prior to the workshop so we may make arrangements for you to still participate.

Where and When

Where:                     Camberwell Community Centre

Address:                  405 Camberwell Road, Camberwell 3124, Victoria, Australia

Dates:                       2nd, 9th and 16th of July (Sundays)

When:                       2pm – 5pm for each workshop


Part ISunday 2nd of July$199
Part IISunday 9th of July$199
Part IIISunday 16th of July$199
Total for all 3 workshops$597


Please check by contacting us for availability then make payment for the relevant courses you will attend.

Payment Details

Bank:                            NAB

BSB Number:              083 315

Account Name:           Makerlab

Account Number:       25 810 2485

Further Enquiries Contact:

Contact Makerlab by Email: support@makerlab.com.au or

Call Tony on 0426 823 142