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Makerlab provides 3D printing workshops, supplies and consultation to businesses and creative individuals.
We hold workshops to educate how 3D printing can benefit you or your business by introducing the technology, how to use them and how it will change everything.

Learn why so many experts are convinced this $3.8 billion industry will be the next manufacturing revolution. 

Step I

Learn The Basics

Learn the basics of 3D printing

Learn the ins and outs of 3D printing including the various different methods (FDM, SLS, SLA) and determine the best solution to suit your needs


Step II

Find a 3D Printer

Select the right 3D printer

Browse through our selection of printers to discover the potential of this transformative technology and how it can help you today


Step III

Train To Be A Pro

3D printing training online

Attend our workshops and train to become a pro in the shortest amount of time so you can focus on what you do best!


School Solutions

Based on the foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), these 3D printers are the perfect teacher’s assistant in any academic environment. We have been chosen by dozens of schools to design and implement 3D printing labs and solutions.

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Learn about 3D printing with our current range of workshops. We are constantly updating content and adding new areas of interest so check back often.


3D Printers

Get something 3D printed and you’ll have a model. Learn to use your own 3D printer and unleash your imagination by creating real objects in a matter of hours.



You can’t run a good car with low-quality petrol so why do the same to your 3D printer? Our filaments are top notch and tested to perfection. We use them daily!




With 3D printing said to be the next industrial revolution, many schools have already adopted the technology into their school curriculum to teach vital problem solving, creativity and manufacturing skills



Have an early start in an upcoming industry by adopting 3D printing into your place of business and be ahead of the game just like our partners at Oklahoma Digital marketing agency. Find out how it could benefit you and your business today. 



Keep up to date with Maker Mondays, Time Lapse Tuesdays, Why not Wednesdays, 3D Thursdays and Filament Fridays! Each day of the week we post something cool so stay tuned!



We have no doubt you have questions about 3D printing. Check out our FAQ sheet to answer any questions you may have. You will learn an abundance of information just by taking a quick read.


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If you have any questions or would like additional information, please submit the form below or email us at support@makerlab.com.au


Companies who have supported the 3D printing movement!


1 year ago

World famous rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers go on tours with entire trucks of stage equipment, some of it custom made and difficult to replace. That's why #3Dprinting was the technology that ... See more

2 years ago

Need to make a rubber part but can't print in rubber? Try casting it!


This time in our Post-processing Tips and Tricks series, we’ll deal with molding by creating a rubber handle with a previously #3DPrinted mold. See how to make a cast of another object: ... See more

3 years ago
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Proud to be 3D printing since 2015 #makerlab #australia

3 years ago
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@Melbourne Polytechnics 3D printing lab is all setup and ready for use. Consists of 4 extrusion based 3D printers and a full-colour powder based printer. Can't wait to see what these young heads come ... See more

3 years ago
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There's never been a better time to learn to make! We enjoyed another Build Your Own #3D #Printer #workshop in #blackburn #design #create #make #innovate #learn #3dprinting #3dprint #monday

3 years ago
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Enjoyed the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards 2016! The world of technology and engineering is getting very exciting!! #engineering #awards #aeea #engaustralia

4 years ago
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Below is a model directly retrieved from an SLS 3D printer which involves binding a powder layer by layer. This gives you the flexibility to create super complex models without the need for support ... See more

4 years ago
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Learn about 3D printing (additive manufacturing), it's material strength properties and detailed case studies outlining its current uses in the industry.
For more information visit: ... See more

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“Are you part of a business wanting to adopt 3D Printing? We cover the hardware supplies and training you need to begin your 3D printing journey!”