3d CAD modelling workshop melbourne

Introduction and Basic Training in Computer Aided Design (CAD) using “Onshape”


Presented by: Jeremy Kaddis (GradIEAust) MakerLab

Tony Koutsonikolas (StudIEAust) MakerLab


Part I – Overview + Features

Exercise 1

  • Practice sketching
  • Practice applying constraints
  • Apply dimensions
  • Create fully defined sketch
  • Create a basic part using extruding feature

Exercise 2

  • Create a sketch using geometry from an existing part
  • Practice applying constraints
  • Learn to speed up symmetric designs
  • Enable multipart updating

Exercise 3

  • Create a revolve featuring using an existing sketch
  • Practice extruding using an existing sketch
  • Sketching and extruding from an existing face
  • Practice fillets on edges

Part II – Multipart + Assemblies

Exercise 1

  • Create a new part in a part studio
  • Learn to assess faces and planes for sketching
  • Practice creating extrudes, fillets and chamfers

Exercise 2

  • Multipart design in context (part studio)
  • Determine which faces and edges to use to create new parts
  • Determine end condition for extrude feature

Exercise 3

  • Create a subassembly
  • Practice mates
  • Determine what mates to use and how a subassembly should be mated into assemblies

Part III – Versions, Importing and Drawings

Exercise 1

  • Learn how to create branched version of document
  • Practice making modifications on unique versions
  • Merging versions

Exercise 2

  • Learn how to import existing CAD files into Onshape
  • Creating part studio from CAD file
  • Add imported parts into assemblies
  • Sharing Onshape documents to collaborate

Exercise 3

  • Creating a drawing document
  • Inserting different views of a part into a drawing
  • Using various viewing/ labelling tools in drawings 


You will need to bring your laptop and a mouse to effectively use Onshape. Your laptop should run Google Chrome. If you don’t have a laptop please let us know so we can work something out.

Where and When

Where:                     Camberwell Community Centre

Address:                  405 Camberwell Road, Camberwell 3124, Victoria, Australia

Dates:                       2nd, 9th and 16th of July (Sundays)

When:                       2pm – 5pm for each workshop


Part I Sunday 2nd of July $199
Part II Sunday 9th of July $199
Part III Sunday 16th of July $199
Total for all 3 workshops $597


Please check by contacting us for availability then make payment for the relevant courses you will attend.

Payment Details

Bank:                            NAB

BSB Number:              083 315

Account Name:           Makerlab

Account Number:       25 810 2485

Further Enquiries Contact:

Contact Makerlab by Email: support@makerlab.com.au or

Call Tony on 0426 823 142